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Photo Gallery Pricing

Regular Photo Prints

4x6 prints...$10 (can be a blank greeting card and then framed in a 5x7 frame)
5x7 prints $20 (that fit in 8x10 frames) 
8x10 prints $40 (that fit in 11x14 frames) 
12x18 prints $60 (that fit in 18x24 frames) 
18x24” print is $90
24x36” print is $130

8x10” photo framed in 11x14” frame is $100

Black or White framed 12x18 photo in 18x24 frame is $250. 

Black or White framed 12x18" photo in 18x24" thick wooden frame is $300

Can do other frames too but pricing changes depending on the frame. 

20x30” framed print is  $440

24x36” framed print is $500

18x32” pano in white frame is $300

20x42” Black frame is $450

I can do custom sizing and framing too. 

Canvas Pricing

8x12” is $150

12x18” is $200

16x24” is $260

20x30” is $330

20x30” w/wedge frame $685

24x36” is $450

30x40” is $550

Metal Pricing

5x7” is $60

8x10” is $80

8x12” is $90

8.5x11” is $94

12x18” is $170

12x24” is $230

16x24” is $300

20x30” is $440

20x40” is $570

24x30” is $560

24x36” is $650

30x45” is $1100

Metal Pano Prints




18x30” Metal framed in wedge frame is $500

20x60” pano is $1200

Acrylic Prints

12x18” is $350

16x24” is $530

20x30” is $650

30x45” is $1400

White Tall Block Framing

12x18” no matte w/ acrylic frame, white tall block, gloss coating, foam board mounting....$325

16x20 no matte, no acrylic, white tall block frame, gloss coating foam board mounting….$400

16x24” (total 17.5x25.5”) no matte w/ acrylic frame, white tall block, gloss coating, foam board mounting...$450

I can do custom sizing and framing too.  


I do not have most of my photos here on my website, but if you have seen a photo I have taken and are interested in getting that, just screenshot and text it to me and we can chat about what your vision is for that picture. Cell: 617-290-1629.

I can also meet you at my gallery if you want to get an idea on sizing and a kind of frame...or if you want to buy something I already have in stock. 


My address is 9 Standish St in Hall's Corner, Duxbury

Right next to Duxbury Pizza 


Please text or call me on my cell at 617-290-1629  or  

email me at

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